IRISMONDIU: Tourist Accomodation

Josep and Ángels... welcome to our house



"Rural Tourism on the banks of the Ebro River"


Irismondiu is a rural accommodation in the Ebro Delta situated on the banks of the river. It is located in the middle of a passage of rice paddies, at 3 kilometres of the mouth river and the Riumar beach.

The property has 2 hectares, formerly devoted to the vegetables cultivation, now is all a gardened area, it reaches the shore of the Ebro River. Inside of the same property you can enjoy of large areas for walking to admire the landscape, the autochthon fauna, fishing or sailing.

Situated at 5 minutes of the location of Deltebre, Irismondiu is situated in a secluded and quiet place where the more normal sounds are the cheeping of the birds and the soft breeze of the west wind.

The fact of being situated in a unique landscape, in the Ebro delta and in the Natural Park, covers a very wide range of possibilities: bike rides, beach, all type of sailing, fishing and bird watching, etc.


During your stay we will help you, how to take advantage of your holidays and enjoy of a good stay.